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General Service & Quality Questions

What is reQuire?
Why should I use reQuire?
What sparked the idea for reQuire?
When did reQuire start operating?
What states does reQuire operate in?
How much does it cost to obtain a release for a title curative (TCS) lien?
Does reQuire sync with any settlement software? If so, which ones and is there an additional cost for this service feature?
How will reQuire continue evolving?

Who Can Benefit from reQuire Services?

What are the benefits of using reQuire to the settlement agency or attorney performing real estate closings?
What are the benefits of using reQuire for a title underwriter?
What are the benefits of using reQuire for a borrower or home seller?

Features of reQuire Services

What is the most important feature of reQuire and why?
What about tracking Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)?
Does reQuire’s service assist in cleaning up old unreleased mortgage liens?
How long will it take to obtain a release for a TCS lien?
Is there anything I can do as a settlement agent to expedite the TCS process?
How often should I request updates from reQuire regarding my TCS lien?

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