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Better than any competing alternative, reQuire enables land owners to avoid the risks that unreleased liens could pose to their ability to sell or refinance a home. Additionally, reQuire allows its industry partners to have access to an innovative solution that improves file management, record keeping, and the risk abatement processes.

reQuire Services for Real Estate Industry Professionals

Of the files handled by reQuire in the last 10 years, reQuire has calculated that 15% of fully paid or satisfied mortgages remain unreleased after state-mandated timelines.

reQuire's release tracking has been a breath of fresh air! Our company email inboxes are like popcorn machines consumed with the new RESPA changes. Thanks to reQuire, calls from lenders regarding releases are now nonexistent. You are like a quiet employee - eliminating headaches so we can focus on the challenges of new business that add to our bottom line!

SAM F. MAGUIRE, JR. | The Law Offices of Sam Maguire, Jr., P.C.

Release Tracking Services

reQuire's Release Tracking and Reporting solution provides a unique solution to an epidemic problem of unreleased liens within the real estate settlement services industry.

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Title Curative Services

reQuire also provides a time-tested service critical to settlement agents and attorneys tasked with meeting closing deadlines. These Title Curative Services have helped to obtain unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments clouding property titles.

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Document Services

While document preparation may seem like a simple task, there are several important aspects in real property documents that, if done wrong, could have a negative effect on how the recorded ownership of the property is determined down the road. Let reQuire's team of trained professionals help by providing accurate documents for your next closing.

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Search Services

Getting a property report and tax report early on in the home buying process can make sure that both buyers and real estate professionals can verify that a property's title is free and clear to transfer and that they can therefore proceed with the transaction.

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Wire Fraud & Identity Theft Solutions

Cyber crime has hit an epidemic level in the lending, real estate and title industries. Our partner, CertifID can verify identity, receive approval of critical information before a wire is sent and will insure each wire for up to $500,000.

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The Mortgage Satisfaction Conundrum

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