Title Curative Services

Quickly Obtain a Release or Assignment
For a Previously Paid Lien

Trained Title Curative Professionals With a Proven Track Record In Obtaining Unreleased Mortgage Liens and Assignments Clouding a Property’s Title
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reQuire's Title Curative Services (TCS) has a proven track record in obtaining unreleased mortgage liens & missing assignments clouding a property's title.

This time-tested service is critical to settlement agents and attorneys who are tasked with meeting deadlines for closings. At reQuire, our TCS professionals are trained to quickly research and identify the lender or servicer authorized to execute a document to cure the title defect and to procure a properly executed release or assignment.

What is the Difference Between Release Tracking and Title Curative Services?

Release tracking tracks and reports on current payoffs that have occurred within the past year.

reQuire will: Obtain a recorded, or in some cases, an original executed release document.


Title Curative Services (TCS) obtains releases for prior unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments clouding the property's title.

reQuire will: Obtain an executed document on past settlements or provide recorded copies or index details in cases where the lender will not provide a copy upon completion.

What Our Clients Say

"reQuire made a believer out of me! After having trouble obtaining a release, I sent my files to reQuire. The very next morning I received word that a copy of the satisfaction was found. I have supported and promoted reQuire to as many agents as possible and will continue to do so!"

Andy Yingling, Underwriter Counsel, Fidelity National Title Group

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