The reQuire Team

reQuire is the largest tracking company in the country. Thousands of settlement agents, underwriters, and attorneys partner with us in all 50 states.

Why reQuire?

reQuire is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the old laborious, inefficient, costly, and stressful practice of lien release management.

Our Background

reQuire’s team of legal, real estate, and technical professionals developed the first web-based release tracking and reporting service to quickly and accurately secure paid-off mortgage notes. This patented approach bridges the  information gap in the title industry and resolves an ongoing and costly problem around tracking and reporting the release of property liens.

The Result

For more than a decade, our Release Tracking Software has built trust in mortgage closing by proactively tracking and verifying the cancellation of prior mortgage notes after closing. The result? Restoring certainty in the closing by minimizing costs, disruptions, and frustrations for all parties associated with the transaction - homeowners, realtors, loan officers, attorneys, underwriters, and settlement agents.

Meet the reQuire Team

Linda J. H. Aparo

National Director of Sales and Business Development

Earl Smith

Chief Revenue Officer

Shannon Cobb

Chief Operating Officer

Randy Cruz

Business Services Manager

Kelly Dalton

Production Manager

Rebecca Gracey

Sr. Paralegal

Barbara Washington

Title Curative Services Manager

Niki Culver

Director of Operations

Al Will

Chief Executive Officer

Rose Santos

Director of Finance

Rusty Udan

IT Director

Lynesha Smith

Director of Human Resources

Lionel Postic

General Counsel

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