Who We Are

Our journey is just beginning. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Once upon a time a smart team of professionals came together to develop the first web-based lien release tracking and reporting service to quickly and accurately secure paid-off mortgage notes. This team formed what would become known as reQuire, the leading lien release tracking company in the nation. Today reQuire continues to grow, and has become a premier settlement services provider, offering not just lien release tracking, but also title curative, document preparation and document search solutions.

Our Values

We are driven by collaboration, respect and communication while understanding that each team member possesses unique skills and knowledge that must be appreciated.

We strive for consistency and precision in everything that we do to deliver defect-free products and services.

We are committed to offering an unrivaled customer service experience that upholds the value and benefit advantage we provide to our customers.

We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the results we achieve in every aspect of our business.

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Meet Our Team

reQuire is a Covius solution. Learn more about our Covius leadership.