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Millennials Are Buying Homes – But What Do They Want?

Younger consumers are finally starting to make their presence felt in the housing market. Recently, Fannie Mae reported that Millennials—or those born between 1980 and 2000—are buying homes at rates two to four times higher than other generations. As a group, however, Millennials differ greatly from previous generations in terms of how they approach homeownership and what they’re looking to buy. One major obstacle facing Millennials is the steep price of homes in many areas of the country. According to statistics

What Kind of Title Company Is Yours, Really?

ALTA President-Elect Stephen Day wrote a nice piece recently for ALTA. You can see it here. And, as you’ll see, it’s short but sweet. Day has a good look at game-changer Zappos and its way of building a culture that IS its brand. After all, unhappy employees rarely provide strong customer service.  And, as you know by now, Zappos is renowned for its elite customer service. So, what’s this got to do with Require or your title company? Why, everything! Let’s

Sometimes, it’s the Simple Things That Keep Your Employees Happy

A recent submission to National Mortgage Professional reminded me that, as complex as the mortgage and real estate industry can seem sometimes, it’s the simple things that can keep us on track.  The article is directed toward mortgage leaders, but it’s absolutely applicable to title agents and small business owners as well. Sometimes, executives and owners get caught up in the big picture or the vision.  That’s ok—it’s what drives us to build successful businesses in the first place.  But the

HOA “Super-liens” Demand “Supercurative” Solutions

The recent rise to prominence of the “super-lien” as the result of a home owner association (HOA) or condominium owner association (COA) has brought with it a host of challenges. In states where the “super-lien” is in play, an unpaid association fee and subsequent lien could, by state law, push that lien to the front of the line (even ahead of a first mortgage holder) in a foreclosure scenario. The Real Issue Is Identifying The Lien Although the curative element of