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Getting Familiar with Remote Notarizations

Wouldn’t it be nice for borrowers to have the option of signing their closing documents online? It’s getting more likely every day, thanks to the recent push behind remote online notarizations. New innovations have made it possible to conduct secure notary transactions over the Internet, and a growing number of technology companies are now offering these services to the mortgage and title industries. Several states have made remote notarizations legal, and industry groups and government agencies are working on making remote

Overcoming the Last Hurdles on Digital Mortgages

During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, the mortgage industry was abuzz with the idea that borrowers might one day “buy a house at the click of a mouse.” In spite of huge advancements in technology, however, the digital mortgage remains an elusive goal. That being said, there has been a tremendous amount of progress toward digital mortgages over the past twenty years. There are just a few remaining hurdles. Lack of Consistency For digital mortgages to work, every participant

If You Haven’t Considered the Threat of Mortgage Fraud Yet, Stop What You’re Doing and Read This

If you haven’t yet noticed, you soon will:  the mortgage industry is under siege by fraud. Think we’re being a bit dramatic?  Consider a few numbers from our friends at ALTA: The number of wire fraud scams reported by title companies to the Internet Crime Complaint Center went up 480% in 2016. These crimes have cost consumers $5.3 billion. That’s “billion.” With a “b.” “The average successful bank robber’s haul is $3,816 while the average successful wire fraud loss is $129,427,”

As a Title Agent, Are You Giving Yourself Enough Time For the Most Important Things?

Most of the title agents we know are hands-on in their ownership. It’s easy to see why.  Ours is a business of 1,000 details.  It’s a business of accountability.  In fact, at the very core of title insurance is the root activity of locating errors in the public record. So it’s no wonder that many agents are closely involved in the smallest of activities in their businesses. And yet… It’s hard to deny that the world in which we operate is

What Your Relationship with reQuire Means For Your Direct-To-Consumer Experiences

We know that, for the most part, a title agent or settlement services professional will only really deal with a consumer/borrower to update status on a closing, and, of course at closing.  Most consumers don’t really understand title insurance, and tend to lean on their respective Realtors, loan officers or mortgage brokers throughout the transaction for guidance.  To many, the Realtor or lender (in different ways) is the “client,” and the borrower/consumer is the client of that trusted advisor. It appears,

Food for thought…Process Improvement reQuired

For decades, title agents have proudly owned both the sales and, to some extent, the “production” side of title insurance on behalf of their underwriters. Unlike the typical P&G model (pretty much sales-only); it’s been a badge of honor for title agents of all sizes to own or manage the search, abstract, report, curative, escrow and closing. At their own cost. Now, process improvements are reQuired. Times are changing The mortgage industry is a different place from what it was even