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Millennials Are Buying Homes – But What Do They Want?

Younger consumers are finally starting to make their presence felt in the housing market. Recently, Fannie Mae reported that Millennials—or those born between 1980 and 2000—are buying homes at rates two to four times higher than other generations. As a group, however, Millennials differ greatly from previous generations in terms of how they approach homeownership and what they’re looking to buy. One major obstacle facing Millennials is the steep price of homes in many areas of the country. According to statistics

reQuire Integrates with Qualia

Full Range of Lien Release, Title Curative and Document Retrieval Services Now Accessible Through Qualia’s Vendor Marketplace reQuire, a Covius company, announced today that its full suite of technology-enabled services is now integrated with Qualia, a real estate technology platform that streamlines the home closing process. With this integration, reQuire’s robust set of products and services will be available in the Qualia Vendor Marketplace, the leading marketplace for title and closing services. Qualia users will have seamless access to reQuire’s lien

5 Common Reasons a Real Estate Closing is Delayed

The clients on both sides are ready and anxious to close, but something has stopped the hands of progress from turning on your deal. Real estate closings don’t always run as smoothly as we’d like and there are a myriad of reasons that a closing can be delayed, or worse, cancelled in the final days. As there are many parties involved in a real estate contract, it’s understandable that delays may happen. Here are five common reasons why a real estate

How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Document Recording

When most people hear the word “blockchain,” they think about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But blockchain technology is about much more than alternative currency. In fact, it’s poised to make a huge impact on the real estate industry—especially when it comes to document recording. But first, what is blockchain? Generally speaking, a blockchain is a public ledger technology that consists of “blocks” of individual transactions, each one with a unique timestamp. These blocks are linked together – like a chain – in

reQuire Real Estate Solutions now Offers Municipal Lien Searches

Did you know that reQuire now offers Municipal Lien Searches as part of our Search Services offering? Why stress over all that comes with the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction, when reQuire has the products and tools to simplify your operation? What is a Municipal Lien Search? A Municipal Lien search will investigate unrecorded liens or special assessments from the City, violations, permits, taxes and utilities associated with the property.  These types of charges leveled by local

Overcoming the Last Hurdles on Digital Mortgages

During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, the mortgage industry was abuzz with the idea that borrowers might one day “buy a house at the click of a mouse.” In spite of huge advancements in technology, however, the digital mortgage remains an elusive goal. That being said, there has been a tremendous amount of progress toward digital mortgages over the past twenty years. There are just a few remaining hurdles. Lack of Consistency For digital mortgages to work, every participant

Three Steps to Preventing Wire Fraud at Closing

As financial crimes go, wire fraud during real estate closings is probably the most despicable. Recently, a Colorado couple lost $272,000 in proceeds from the sale of their home that they planned to use to buy their new home. They not only lost the money, but the new home as well. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, complaints about wire fraud scams jumped 480 percent in 2016. The actual figure is believed to be much higher since crimes are

Fidelity Buys Stewart Title: What Does It Mean?

Shockwaves went through the title world when Fidelity National Financial announced its plan to acquire Stewart Information Services Corporation for $1.2 billion in cash and stock. The marriage between two of the four largest title insurance providers could have a significant impact on lenders, third-party providers and consumers. Here are three quick takeaways. The nation’s largest title company just got even bigger. Jacksonville, Florida-based Fidelity has led the title insurance market since 1999, when it acquired Chicago Title Co. and furthered

From CertifID: “It’s Unbelievable How Often This Is Happening.”

Last week we were proud to announce our partnership with CertifID,  a unique wire fraud prevention platform designed to safely authenticate the identities of transactional parties and share banking information securely. Today, we’re happy to share a recent blog that was published by CertifID that still remains relevant: Real estate wire fraud is still the fastest growing form of real estate cybercrime, with nearly $1 billion being diverted or almost diverted this fiscal year, according to the FBI and South Florida

Wire Fraud and Identity Theft At Closing End Here

You’ve seen the headlines: Scammers Are Conning Homebuyers Out of Their Down Payment FBI Reports Home Closing Wire Fraud is Spiking Cyber crime has hit an epidemic level in the lending, real estate and title industries, and with our experience bringing certainty to the closing process, we decided we needed to try to participate in the solution. We understand that our clients are always seeking the tools to provide value-added services and security to their clients. That’s why today we’re proud