Did you know that reQuire now offers Municipal Lien Searches as part of our Search Services offering? Why stress over all that comes with the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction, when reQuire has the products and tools to simplify your operation?

What is a Municipal Lien Search?

A Municipal Lien search will investigate unrecorded liens or special assessments from the City, violations, permits, taxes and utilities associated with the property.  These types of charges leveled by local municipalities can become liens against a property that are often not recorded on land records, and therefore do not show up on a title search.

Why is a Municipal Lien Search Important?

If these liens are not found and resolved prior to the closing, the charges will no longer be the responsibility of the former property owner and can become the responsibility of the new homeowner.

How can reQuire help?

With reQuire’s full Search Services product suite, you can verify that a property’s title is free and clear to transfer before closing so that you can proceed with a worry-free transaction.

But don’t just take our word for it – watch John’s story, and contact us to see how we can help you today!