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reQuire Welcomes Certified Document Solutions and DeedBuilder Clients

CDS and DeedBuilder clients can continue to place orders through the ResWare entry portal through the links below.
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Placing an Order


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Why Use a Document Service Provider?

While document preparation may seem like a simple task, there are several important aspects in real property documents that, if done wrong, could have a negative effect on how the recorded ownership of the property is determined down the road.  Let reQuire's team of trained professionals help by providing accurate documents for your next closing.  

Our experienced team of professionals can prepare the documents you need for your closings.

  • Deed Preparation
  • Release/Satisfaction Preparation
  • Assignment Preparation
  • Subordination Preparation
  • Substitution of Trustee Preparation
  • Specific Power of Attorney Preparation
  • Document Recording
  • Document Retrieval


How reQuire Can Help You:

As an ancillary benefit, settlement companies, law firms, and underwriters will have access to our full suite of services, including Release Tracking, Title Curative Services, Document Services,  and Search Services that will help to improve their file management, record keeping, and the risk abatement processes.

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The Mortgage Satisfaction Conundrum

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Do you want to know how to successfully release a mortgage lien (without the headache)?

This free pdf will guide you through the basics of the release and tracking process.

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