Release Tracking | How reQuire Works

Our Disbursement Report shows, in real time, each and every action performed by the reQuire team from file creation to final indexing and receipt of the release.


Step 1

Seller or Borrower Pays For Transaction

The seller or borrower is typically responsible for paying the transaction fee. This fee includes the tracking, reporting and a copy of the fully recorded release of the mortgage lien release requested, for up to two liens on each file. reQuire can track Conventional Mortgages, Private Mortgages, HELOC’s, Judgment Liens, Municipal Liens and UCC’s.


Step 2

reQuire Partners Directly With Settlement Companies

reQuire offers our settlement partners the ability to use our Payoff Disbursement Package Generator system. This system automatically validates, encrypts, and stores a property’s lien information in our release tracking database. reQuire is also integrated with many of the title production software used in today’s closing transactions to seamlessly and safely transfer information back and forth to the settlement agent.



Step 3

Automatic Note / Letter Generation per Recording Jurisdiction

The Payoff Disbursement Package Generator system also automatically generates documents, invoices, and letters unique to a property’s jurisdiction and the lender being paid off. This information makes tracking and referencing the paid off liens easier and more efficient to track later on.


Step 4

Release and Reconveyance Tracking

reQuire tracks the release and reconveyance for the landowner through periodic searches on the property at the land records.


When a release is not found to be recorded, our team of experts follow up with the lender to assure recordation of each release. We then verify each document for accuracy to be certain the release is effectively releasing the lien, providing clear and marketable title for the homeowner. A copy of the fully recorded - fully verified release is then provided back to the settlement agent in case of an audit.

Instant Access 24/7 For Settlement Agents

Through reQuire’s web-based Disbursement History Report, settlement agents have complete access to their client’s files and release records 24/7. This innovative technology helps make release recording more efficient and beneficial for all parties involved in the transaction.


How reQuire Can Help You:

As an ancillary benefit, settlement companies, law firms, and underwriters have access to our innovative release tracking and reporting solution that will help to improve your file management, record keeping, and the risk abatement processes.

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