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Search Services

As the premier provider of Real Estate Compliance and Settlement Solutions, reQuire proudly announces the addition of a new suite of Search Services.
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Search Services

Now reQuire can provide you with more solutions to help alleviate the frustrations and stress that come with both the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction.

  • Municipal Lien Search
  • Tax Search Reports
  • Legal and Vesting Reports
  • Property Report (1 owner)
  • Property Report Plus (2 owners)
  • Property Report Prime (Full Search)
  • Search Update Report


Why Use a Search Service Provider?

Getting a property report and tax report early on in the home buying process can make sure that both buyers and real estate professionals can verify that a property's title is free and clear to transfer and that they can therefore proceed with the transaction.

Without them, this leaves consumers at risk for: 

  • delays at closing;
  • lengthy dealings with lenders trying to obtain the lien release record after the transaction has been closed (this is also sometimes the burden of the settlement agent or attorney), and
  • the costs (time and fees) associated with resolving a clouded title.

How reQuire Can Help You:

As an ancillary benefit, settlement companies, law firms, and underwriters will have access to our innovative Search Services that will help to improve their file management, record keeping, and the risk abatement processes.

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