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Property Data At Your Fingertips

Search Services afford you access to property data to help alleviate the stress that comes with the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction. Now reQuire can provide you with more solutions to help alleviate the frustrations and stress that come with both the pre and post-closing process with:

  • Municipal Lien Search
  • Tax Search Reports
  • Legal and Vesting Reports
  • Property Report (1 owner)
  • Property Report Plus (2 owners)
  • Property Report Prime (Full Search)
  • Search Update Reportate Report

Our Search Services Offering Includes


Reporting on full current tax, assessment detailed information, payment status of all parcels by taxing entity, prior year delinquent and sold details, memo bill for current taxes due and more.


Provides property and owner information for residential properties. Report is limited to the county level land record and tax record repositories.


Owner Report showing all vesting and deed information since the last out-of-family warranty deed, including current ownership, all recorded liens and more. Plus and Prime options available.


Discover unrecorded municipal liens, code violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permits issues that are associated with residential or commercial real estate.

Why reQuire?

Getting a property report and tax report early on in the home buying process can make sure that both buyers and real estate professionals can verify that a property’s title is free and clear to transfer and that they can therefore proceed with the transaction. Without them, this leaves consumers at risk for:

Delays at closing

Lengthy dealings with lenders trying to obtain the lien release record after the transaction has been closed

The costs (time and fees) associated with resolving a clouded title


“After all of my years working in title, I can’t help but think “Where have you been all of this time and why didn’t we learn about you sooner?” The title work we receive sometimes is scary and can make people hyperventilate when an old mortgage pops up on title in which the mortgage co provided the owner with the release to file themselves, but never explained the process so they tucked it away in a drawer. If they are lucky, they search and search through old files and find an old “yellowish” color original which was never recorded.”

Lisa Almaguer, Director of Marketing, One Nation Title


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