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Smart Risk Mitigation Solutions To Verify Identity In A Real Estate Transaction

reQuire Is A Premier Distribution Partner for CertifID

CertifID’s patent-pending technology harnesses billions of digital records and Internet metadata to confirm the identity of an individual and the device one is using in the course of the transaction. Once an identity has been established, bank account information is shared, credentialed and confirmed by the person who will be receiving funds from a real estate transaction.

Why Partner with CertifID

CertifID is a fast and simple solution that provides multi-layered technology to verify identity and approve bank account information. In less than sixty seconds, and for less than $10, you can ensure trust in the transaction before funds are transferred. The best part? Each CertifID transaction is insured for up to $500,000* so that you can rest easy .CertifID uses three easy steps to ensure that your money lands in the right hands:

The registration and sign-in process utilizes Knowledge Based Authentication, Digital Verification and Two-Factor Authentication to certify the identity of each person.

CertifID confirms bank routing information and account credentials from the owner of the account.

Once the identity of the individual is confirmed and bank account credentials approved, funds are transferred with trust.

How Does It Work?

Seamless Workflow Integration
It takes an average of $25 in resources to confirm the identity of an individual using traditional “best practices” while retaining all the risk. CertifID costs less than $10, verifies identity, receives approval of critical information before a wire is sent, and insures each wire for up to $500,000.

Digital Device Verification
CertifID harnesses billions of digital records to perform a digital DNA analysis that authenticates devices and confirms they can be trusted.

Personal Verification
Personal identity is verified through a series of challenge questions that only the true person could answer.

Approved Bank Information
The ability to send and receive wiring information in a trusted vault outside of email or text messaging. This allows parties to share critical information and act with trust.

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