You’ve seen the headlines:

  • Scammers Are Conning Homebuyers Out of Their Down Payment
  • FBI Reports Home Closing Wire Fraud is Spiking

Cyber crime has hit an epidemic level in the lending, real estate and title industries, and with our experience bringing certainty to the closing process, we decided we needed to try to participate in the solution.

We understand that our clients are always seeking the tools to provide value-added services and security to their clients. That’s why today we’re proud to announce that we have become the Premier Distribution Partner for CertifID, a technology company that specializes in keeping transactions safe.

For less than $10, CertifID can verify identity, receive approval of critical information before a wire is sent and will insure each wire for up to $500,000.

Using a seamless workflow integration, CertifID:

  • harnesses billions of digital records to perform a digital DNA analysis that authenticates devices and confirms that they can be trusted;
  • verifies personal identity through a series of challenge questions that only the true person could answer; and
  • sends a unique one-time code to the user after their identity has been confirmed and the device is verified to be their true device

CertifID also enables users to send and receive wiring information in a trusted vault outside of email or text messaging, allowing parties to share critical information and act with trust.

“Mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and settlement services firms all require better means of verifying identity as fraudsters grow increasingly sophisticated in their craft. By collaborating with an industry leader like reQuire to get the word out there, we’re taking another major step in the battle to educate the industry as well as empowering it to take protective measures,” says Tom Cronkright, Co-Founder and CEO of CertifID.

We’re serious about bringing certainty to the closing process, and are taking action to help you mitigate risks.

Ready to learn more? Visit our Wire Fraud & Identity Theft Solutions portal today!

About the Author

Shannon Cobb
Shannon is a seasoned innovator and trusted leader in the Mortgage and Settlement Services industry. Prior to his tenure as Chief Operating Officer at reQuire, Shannon held senior executive positions at WFG National Title Company and LandAmerica Financial Group.